Concerts on the Green

  • The Peter Alt Group

    Thursday June 22 (6:00-9 pm)

    Opening: Joey Gleesing

    • Catering provided by: TBA
  • Inda Easton

    Thursday July 13 (6-9 pm)

    Opening: Tangled Lines


    • Catering provided by: TBA
  • Milwaukee Symphony Oechestra

    Thursday July 27 (6-9 pm)

    • Catering provided by: TBA
  • Pat McCurdy

    Thursday August 17 (6-9 pm)

    Opening: The Pantooners

    • Catering provided by: TBA
  • Anna Townes State Farm Agency

    The long-time Enderis Park Insurance Agency is located at 71 West Center Street. Anna has been a great advocate for the neighborhood, even to the extent of persuading her Company to apply rates for insurance substantially the same as suburban Milwaukee County as opposed to the experience rating of most of our post office zip code. Visit Anna at her office Center Street.

  • Bunzelís Meat Market

    • Address: 9015 W Burleigh St, Milwaukee, WI 53222
    • Phone:(414) 873-7960

    The Bunzel familyís old fashioned meat store and catering on 85th and Burliegh has been a contributing sponsor from early on of the Concerts-on-the-Green since 2006. It also has been providing its delicious catering for every seasonís first concert on the third Thursday of June. Please frequent their fine store. You canít go wrong at Bunzels!

  • US Cellular

    Sponsor location

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  • PNC Bank

    • Address: 6055 W Lisbon Ave Milwaukee, WI 53210
    • Phone:(414) 445-5655
    • website

    Through several corporate ownership changes the one thing that has not changed is the support of PNC Bank for our local neighborhood Concert-on-the-Green series. A Concert Sponsor from the start, PNC Bank supports our neighborhood with convenient financial services. Visit it for any financial services you may need.

  • Keith's Cleaners

  • Educators Credit Union

    • Address: 6131 W Center St Milwaukee, WI
    • Phone:(414) 325-2500
    • website

    A new neighborhood business and a new neighborhood Concert-on-the-Green sponsor for 2015! We welcome their investment in Enderis Park. Visit their newly constructed offices on Center Street.

  • Play it Again Sports - Tosa

  • Premier Eyes

    • Address: 7815 W. Burleigh St. Milwaukee, WI 53222
    • Phone: (414) 873-5135 Or (414) 873-8808
    • email:
    • Website:
  • Burleigh Dental

    Sponsor location

    Drs. Mark Donohoo and Monica Haibl have sponsored our neighborhood Concerts for many consecutive years. Their dental offices are located on the south side of Burleigh Avenue at 78th Street. They are wonderful professionals and enjoy attending the concerts every year. Thank you, Burliegh Dental.

  • Blamers Auto Repair

    Sponsor location

    A trusted second generation neighborhood institution for efficient, capable, reliable, and fairly priced auto repair on the southwest corner of 76th and Center, Blamers Auto Repair has been a concert sponsor for several years. We welcome their participation in the Concerts-on-the-Green.

  • Bijou Nails and Company

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  • Murphy Financial Services

    Sponsor location

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  • Jean Henning Re/Max Realty

    Sponsor location

    Jean Henning has been a continuing sponsor of the Concerts-on-the-Green for many years. Formally a resident herself with a home at 71st Street right off the park itself, she has sold many, many homes over the years in our neighborhood. There are few realtors having her experience here at Enderis Park. We are happy to have her support for all these years.

  • Mother of Good Counsel

    Sponsor location

    An anchor of the Enderis Park neighborhood, our deep relationship with Mother of Good Counsel church and school is rich and wonderful. Many of our children are graduates. Its legacy as a parish since 1924, and as at one time the largest parochial school in the United States with an 8th grade class of over 125 students, is impossible to estimate. The Concerts-on-the-Green is honored by its support and participation.

  • LUMIN Schools - Pilgrim Lutheran

    Sponsor location

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  • Sentry on 71 st & Lisbon

    • Address: 7101 W Lisbon Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53210
    • Phone:(414) 871-1700

    Sentry store known for its meat counter, also offering produce, baked goods, flowers & deli items.